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The Featured Image (also known as post thumbnail) is a WordPress theme feature which allows theme developers to add support for using a representative image for posts, pages, or custom post types. Even though Featured Image is the official term of this WordPress feature, some functions and template tags still use the term post thumbnail Featured images are a vital WordPress feature, one any blog owner can benefit from becoming familiar with. Adding a WordPress featured image to each post or article helps you visually represent the content for your readers. It can even be an essential part of your branding strategy. Adding featured images in WordPress is simple Adding a Featured Image to a Post From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Posts menu, then click Add New. Click the Featured Image tab under the Settings column, and then select Set featured image button. If you need to upload an image to the Media Library, press the Select Files button

How to Display a Featured Image in PHP Using the built-in WordPress function get_the_post_thumbnail () to display the featured image of a post in a <img> tag. This is the easiest way to display a post's featured image in a WordPress loop Since the very beginig WordPress, the featured image was one of the main elements of each post and page. It was mainly used as a thumbnail photo in post feeds such as categories, archives or search results. Nowadays there's a wide variety of application for it, depending of the developer's imagination and ideas External Resources. Featured images (also sometimes called Post Thumbnails) are images that represent an individual Post, Page, or Custom Post Type. When you create your Theme, you can output the featured image in a number of different ways, on your archive page, in your header, or above a post, for example In WordPress Development, this code of snippets can add support to featured image URL of the original image size in the page, post, and custom post type. If you want to style the output of the original featured image URL, you can paste this code in your style.css file. Moreover, you can design your style and CSS class for the featured image Adding Post Thumbnail or Featured Image in WordPress To add a featured image in a WordPress post, simply edit or create a new blog post. In the content editor, you'll find the featured image tab in the right column. You need to click on the 'Set Featured Image' area, and this will bring up the WordPress media uploader popup

Featured Image Caption is a neat free plugin that lets you add a caption to your WordPress featured images, much like you can add captions to images that you include in your content. It's super easy to use and it works with most WordPress themes right out of the box. It also works with both the classic editor and the new block edito Usually, a featured image in WordPress will find its place under the spotlights of your homepage. They are used as thumbnails which represent the entire post . More often than not, the same post thumbnail (which is also another name for a featured image) links directly to that post Where the featured image is located within the post depends on which theme you are using, but it is usually found prominently at the top of the post and in archive listings. You can set the featured image in the post settings in the Document tab under the Featured image section. How to set the featured image in WordPress

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Featured Image, also known as 'Post Thumbnail', is an integral part of almost every WordPress blog. Whatever theme may be you are using for your blog, it is supposed to support this feature! Introduced in WordPress 2.9, using it you can easily add an image as thumbnail to your posts The ideal size for a featured image in a WordPress website is 1200 x 628 pixels. This size works well with most of the WordPress themes. The size of the featured image allows you to set the specific dimensions for the width and height of the image To set a featured image in WordPress, scroll down in an individual post until you see Featured Image in the right side tool bar where you can also find the Categories and Tags sections. Click Set Featured Image.. You'll be able to choose any image in your library, or upload a new one if necessary Easy add thumbnail - it's a WordPress plugin that automatically adds the first image in a post as featured image, in the absence of a specific featured image or post. Regenerate thumbnails - the plugin resizes images set as featured, to fit the new theme. In this case, you don't run the risk of losing your post featured images

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My chosen featured image doesn't show, why isn't it working? This plugin can't guarantee that it works. That depends on the themes. Still I want to know if it fails, so contact me. Which functions can I use to display the featured image? The plugin uses the default WordPress functions the_post_thumbnail or get_the_post_thumbnail It adds an option to pages and posts to hide the featured image. This is great if you want to show the featured image by default, but then hide it on pages or posts that use a cover image. This gives you more design control for displaying featured images. Ending Thoughts. That's our look at covered image vs featured image in WordPress In the default WordPress themes that come with every stock installation of WordPress, the featured image is displayed on both the homepage above every post entry as well as single post pages: Let's say for instance that we want to get rid of the display of the featured image in single pages only, but we want to retain it on the main homepage and other archives

Featured Image by URL allows to use an external URL Images as Featured Image for Knawat 5.000+ di installazioni attive stimate Dichiarato testato dall'autore fino alla versione di WordPress 5.5.3 Aggiornato 1 mese f It was quickly changed to Featured Images with Version 3.0. Post Thumbnail, now Featured Image, is an image that is chosen as the representative image for Posts, Pages or Custom Post Types. The display of this image is up to the theme. This is especially useful for magazine-style themes where each post has an image

Install the Plugin Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position. Once activated, go to Settings > Featured Images In RSS Feeds to change the settings of the plugin. You can then choose the featured image size to be displayed in your RSS feeds. It lets you choose from all the image sizes that you have defined in your Media options This is because the featured image of a post, also known as a post thumbnail, is used in individual posts, pages, and custom posts and plays a vital role in WordPress. It's just like other media files that help grab the attention of the visitors, but the featured image is the most important of them all WordPress plugin for external featured image. Since 2015 FIFU has helped thousands of websites worldwide to save money on storage, processing and copyright. If you are tired of wasting time and resources with thumbnail regeneration, image optimization and never-ending imports, this plugin is for you Featured image is one of the features of the WordPress themes. So the first thing you should do is check if your theme has the option to hide featured images. Follow the steps to check this feature on your WordPress theme: Go to your WordPress theme dashboard. Go to Post and then click on All Posts In 2020 most of the WordPress themes provide the option to insert a featured image in the posts or pages. But all of the themes do not allow to hide featured image. If you want to know how to hide featured image in WordPress post, this article will be helpful for you

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The Simplest: Featured Image Caption adds a caption field right below featured image so you don't need to go to library media to write captions for images. It is also fully compatible with Gutenberg and Classic Editor. Unlike other alternatives, this plugin is up-to-date The featured image must be removed from the media manager, and each image may only be automatically added as a featured image once. That means if you've already used a particular image as a featured image in a post, any future posts that use the same image will not be able to automatically use it as the featured image Realizza un Sito Web Eccezionale in 3 Min. Con Simplesite è Facile e Divertente. Crea un sito web in 3 passi: scegli un template, personalizzalo e pubblica il risultato 4. Featured Image Plugin For WordPress. Using featured image WordPress plugin you get the ability to apply multiple featured images in different parts of your website through shortcode. It becomes a few clicks job as shortcode are available, plus you can have images in the widget area as well

Set the first post image as featured image on WordPress using code. As shown in my previous post, connect to your site via FTP. Open your theme's functions.php file and add this snippet from WPsites to it. // Auto add featured image function wpsites_auto_set_featured_image() { global $post; $featured_image_exists = has_post_thumbnail($post->ID); if. Setting a WordPress featured image is an excellent idea because it is something that the reader will see first. This image sets the tone for the entire blog post. It is not the only space where featured images appear; it also appears in lists of posts, search, and archive pages Ogni tema di WordPress che si rispetti (gratuito o a pagamento), sfrutta le immagini in evidenza (chiamate featured images nella versione inglese). Si tratta di immagini che carichi normalmente, ma che puoi abbinare attraverso un particolare procedimento ad una pagina o ad un articolo. Nella maggior parte dei casi sono sfruttate come anteprime all'interno della homepag

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A Featured Image represents the mood, or theme of your Post. If you're writing a post about Lego, the featured image should probably be an image of Lego bricks. Posts and pages normally have a single featured image. If you're new to WordPress, you'll find the Featured Image box on the right-hand side of the screen when creating posts Display featured image in WordPress post as full, large, medium, thumbnail size. Every available WordPress theme doesn't give you the option to control if you want to show featured image in a post or in what size you want to display them. The image is crucial for your blog post as it's probably the first thing audience notice

WordPress themes makes it possible to give your users control of many aspects of their site's designs. One of the most common design features in themes are featured images. Many bloggers love to use large, high-quality images for their posts. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add featured image support in a custom WordPress theme The post thumbnails feature which is also referred as Featured Image is continuing to be a popular visual element since it has been introduced to WordPress in the version 2.9. It became popular and now is considered as a significant part of the WordPress look and feel

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Hi Danny, A featured image is a WordPress feature that allows you to define an image (or thumbnail) that represents a page or post. A background image is a css property that allows you to set a background image for an HTML element.. You could use the WordPress the_post_thumbnail() function in your theme file. You would probably want to either remove the background image from the css or. In WordPress virtually every theme uses a popular function named Post Thumbnails or Featured Image which is a way to assign a specific image in your WordPress media library to a post or page. While some people call them post thumbnails others call them featured images but it's referring to the same thing Let's dive into how to get the feature image url from the WordPress REST api. Solution: Install Better REST API Featured Images plugin. The Better REST API Featured Images plugin will extend the Rest API posts endpoint and add the featured image urls in the response WordPress post response object URL of the featured image to display it in your WordPress theme WordPress gives you the function get_post_thumbnail_id to get the ID of an image. In our case we want to get the ID of the featured image in the current post. This ID can be used as a parameter of the method wp_get_attachment_image_src to get the URL of any image we know the ID of

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The options for the WordPress featured image, however, are located in the sidebar. When you click on the respective button, you are able to upload an image or pick one from the media library, add a title, description, and ALT text and select as the posts featured visual. When you do, the picture will usually appear at the top of the post Dynamic Featured Image is a WordPress plugin that allows you to upload more than one featured image to your posts and pages. For example, you can add four featured images to all your posts, and this will be useful when using slide plugins to display them on the front end of your site

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Having to export articles to WordPress along with their featured image is not uncommon and in some cases it can be more complex than it should be.. In fact, using the export tool made available by WordPress it is possible to generate an .xml file that contains all the data of the articles: title, contents, category, tags, etc. Unfortunately, however, there is no possibility to export and then. Now your post will use the first image as the featured image. However, if a featured image exists, it will display that instead. Method 3: Using the WordPress Default Featured Image Plugin. If you are not familiar with code or want to go the easy way, then you can use a WordPress plugin WordPress makes it easy to add a post thumbnail or featured image to your blog post. No matter which theme or plugin you are using, the procedure for adding a featured image will remain same across all your themes

The Featured Image from URL plugin makes it easy to set a featured image in WordPress via URL. You can set featured images on posts, pages, and custom post types. On top of this, you can add your own custom CSS to create hover over effects or just use the 18 built-in ones //This will prepend your WordPress RSS feed content with the featured image: add_filter ('the_content', 'smartwp_featured_image_in_rss_feed'); function smartwp_featured_image_in_rss_feed ( $ content) {global $ post; if ( is_feed ) {if ( has_post_thumbnail ( $ post-> ID) ){$ prepend = '<div>' A featured image allows users to post images that are representative of their post content.It is a feature that comes with most premium WordPress themes and its purpose is to illustrate what the post is about, to complement the text or to simply make the post look better WordPress being as CMS and used by around 27% of whole websites currently available allows you to add the featured image, ie, main image of the post or pages in your site and display it. So, here we will describe about how to add and display featured image in your built in WordPress theme and plugins

In order to change the size of your featured images, you first of all need to add a featured image, right? So click on the Set featured image on your Add new post pages! Now click on the Upload button. And then you need to click on the Select option to select a new featured image Featured Image sizes of Bam Pro WordPress Theme. 4. Then change the width and height of the image size that you want to change and hit the update button which is relevant to the image size. 5. Final step is to install the Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin and run it once to crop all the images to the new size that is defined by you. 6 Add Featured Image in Site. Wrapping Up. Adding Featured Image makes the site more effective as well as increase the SEO of the article. This tutorial guides all the WordPress Beginners to add it to their new article without any difficulty. Hope the information was useful. Please leave the recommendations below. Feel free to share. Please. Understanding and Using Featured Images in WordPress. Tutorials • WordPress Abbas Suterwala • November 28, 2012 • 5 minutes READ WordPress has good level of functionality and features to add different kinds of media to your post. You can add images, videos etc while adding a new post or editing its content

Some WordPress themes (e.g., StudioPress themes; see our guide on How to Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme) have an in-built option to hide featured images on WordPress posts and pages. If your WordPress theme does not have in-built features to remove featured image from the top of an individual WordPress post, then the featured image will display on top of your every blog post Wrong image showing on Facebook when you share a link? In an ideal world, when you share a WordPress link to Facebook, we'd hope that Facebook would pull in the WordPress featured image and use that as the image that shows for folks who see the link on Facebook In case you prefer text, continue reading and follow the easy to follow steps. Step 1: Visit your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins-> Add New Step 2: On the top right search bar, type in quick featured images Step 3: Install the Plugin Step 4: Activate the Plugin Step 5: Go to Posts -> All Posts Step 6: Click on Remove Featured Image to Remove it And in case you want to add the featured. Full size : (full/original image size you uploaded). How to Change Default WordPress Image Size. Although WordPress already gives you 3 default image sizes if you decide that these choices don't meet your needs, there are alternatives. Maybe, you need smaller thumbnails or wider featured images. Therefore, you need to change the default.

Featured images are also called post thumbnails and are popular for WordPress themes. Most have built in support for featured images but if you don't know wh.. WordPress featured image is a feature that's fairly popular, and most of today's themes have support for a thumbnail image or featured photos when you're adding a post. A featured image has the goal of showing the content, or theme, of a post or page Featured Image Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to search for amazing featured images to use for free. It uses an API from unsplash.com that you can get and plug right into your WordPress dashboard.. The plugin allows you to use free license photos and upload and edit them directly from your WordPress media library The Concluding Thoughts. That was a detailed post on how you could get the featured image URL on WordPress. However, it should be noted that the post can be too technical for those who are just beginning in the blogging arena in general and WordPress in particular - it may not be quite easy to grasp A featured image differs from this in that WordPress will set the featured image programmatically into your post. You do not manually choose it's location. The featured image may be dynamic in that on the main blog listing homepage, you might see the featured image with a thumbnail size while on the single post view it may appear more as a banner

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  1. As shown in the video, you can add a featured image into the post directly which will display that over the featured image from the YouTube video but will still play the video in the thumbnail. P.S. Clients will LOVE this trick so be sure to make it sound like you're a WordPress wizard when you show it off Enjoy and have some fun
  2. That is why in this article we are going to teach how you can move your WordPress posts and not have your images get left behind in the process. But before we get into that, we first have to talk about what exactly a featured image is. The meaning behind a featured image
  3. If you are not willing to switch from that theme, you might want to consider the option of adding images via a plugin. To justify your well written blog, WordPress enables you with a Dynamic Featured Image option. This options allows you to have MULTIPLE featured images within a post or page
  4. In today's WordPress video tutorial we'll learn how to add featured images into our WordPress websites and see some featured image usage examples. How to add..
  5. Add GIF Featured Image to WordPress using a Plugin. If you are going to use a GIF featured image in WordPress with a plugin, we recommend using the Autoset Featured Image plugin. This is one of the most popular plugins to add GIF to WordPress. The way it works is very simple and precise
  6. WordPress: Add a YouTube Video as a Featured Image Posted on October 27, 2014 by Bhagwad Park • No comments • Tutorials , WordPress Knowing how to accurately represent your post with an image is a key part of making your article attractive to readers
  7. If you have an already uploaded featured image and you re-add that image on the page as a block, then the same will appear twice, so additional care needs to be taken before adding a featured image on the page. How To Add Header Image In WordPress. This image will be on the lines of a featured image. But this will be like a theme feature

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Select the featured image option; Select the image ; Then I click on the update page. For some reason, the image will not change. It is still the old featured image. Is there a reason why it is not changing on the front end. When I go to Facebook or other various social media site, it still shows the old image. I'm using Wordpress 5.1.1 and the. Upload a new image, or select one that's already in your Media Library. Click Set as logo and you'll see your logo appear in the preview. Click the Publish button on top to save your changes. Featured Images. Twenty Twenty gives your featured images a bold treatment on posts and pages: The recommended Featured Image size is 1980px wide by. Enable featured images in WordPress RSS feed via plugin. The plugin we'll use is called Featured Images in RSS & Mailchimp Email.. After you install the plugin, you'll notice that it has very few and simple settings, which you can access by clicking on Featured Images in RSS Feeds in your Dashboard's sidebar.. Simply choose the size and alignment of the images, and set the spacing. Realizza un Sito Web Eccezionale in 3 Minuti. Con Simplesite è Gratis e Facile! Crea un sito web in 3 passi: scegli un template, personalizzalo e pubblica il risultato

Here are a few other benefits of enabling featured images in WordPress. More visually attractive and clickable to visitors; Helps to set the tone or your blog or website; Compliments the written content; Enhances the post or page's SEO potential; Point to note: Where the featured images display on your WordPress website or blog can vary with themes Provides you with a featured image shortcode [ featured-img ] , code and Featured Image widget. Paste the Code or the Shortcode on any part of the website. Very Easy to implement. Simple Shortcode Available; Easy code Implementation inside loop and outside loop. Widge Avaliable; Featured Image Caption; WordPress Featured Image Documentation By. Sign-in to your WordPress admin page first, then go to the page or post edit screen where you can then click on Set Featured Image in the right sidebar of your edit screen. Just click on Set Featured Image and select the source (it could be from your computer, an internet link or your Media section) First thing you need to do is install and activate Featured Image Optimizer plugin. To install the plugin, simply go to Plugins » Add New from your WordPress backend and type Featured Image Optimizer in the search bar. Once you click on the Install Now button, it'll change into a blue Activate button. Click on it to activate the plugin Ever had your Featured Image Admin Option go missing in WordPress? This very useful cute little box: The Featured Images check box is not in Screen Options either: The issue is not: in Settings, Media in Appearance in the Customizer in wp-config Here's how you restore the missing Featured Image box. Open up your theme functions.php file. Just drop this bit of code in there: // Add theme.

Select the image you would like to use as your featured image, click the Set featured image button in the dialogue box, then you will be taken back to the editing screen and see the featured image in the box. Need to remove the image and select a new one? Click the Replace Image button beneath the image and select a new one Importing the Blog Posts with Featured Images Go to the new WordPress installation that you'd like to move the blog posts to and go to Tools -> Import. Choose WordPress and install/activate the WordPress Importer plugin. Import the file you saved to your desktop in step three and you're all set I'm using wordpress REST API for sending posts. I uploaded the media already on the wordpress and i have the urls, now I want while sending the post request for creating a post, i could give it the featured image url like other fields easily Simply the best for bulk featured image in Reviews at wordpress.org by Syamsul Alam on January 21, 2018 Made adding 10,000 featured images a breeze. in Reviews at wordpress.org by synchronista on July 28, 2017; Number 7 in 8 Plugins to Help Supercharge Your WordPress Media Library by John Hughes on April 6, 201

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  1. Learn how to add Featured Images with Challenger. In the screenshot above, you can see that Yoast also provides an option to set the image, title, and description you want used for your homepage. In addition, there is a fallback image you can use for any posts/pages that don't have a Featured Image
  2. When some of your posts don't have a featured image, it can be handy to have a default image to use as a fallback. In this article, we will share how to set a default featured image in WordPress. Why You Should Add Default Featured Image? In WordPress, you will find an option to add a featured image for each of your posts
  3. 1. After successfull plugin activation go to add or edit page of posts or pages and you will notice a box for second featured image. 2. Click Set featured image, select required image from Dynamic Featured Image - Media Selector popup and click Set Featured Image. 3
  4. Featured Images have been around WordPress since right about Version 3.0. They operate a little different than content images, in that they are placed into your theme files, so all you have to do is upload an image, and the back-end takes care of the rest
  5. Featured Image from URL is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use an external image, external video, slider of external images, or shortcode content as featured image of your post, page or custom post type, such as WooCommerce product
  6. Featured images are of course very important for creatives and anyone creating a WordPress site that contains a lot of images. To make use of featured images in any Graph Paper Press theme, all you need to do is select a featured image from the link on the right hand side of the screen in the post editor. If the default featured image size that's set in your theme works for your purposes, great

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Plug-in Featured. Searching by keyword to get awesome photos from unsplash.com by using their API. Customize beautiful font family from Google Font.; Set default thumbnail size for featured image.; Select / Upload photos from your computer or hosting for editing the photos.; Photos editor tools to make your featured image looks incredible.; Save to Media Library of WordPress and set to. Cara Menghilangkan Featured Image di WordPress Salah satu daya tarik dari sebuah website adalah postingan gambar yang bagus dan membuat penasaran pembaca untuk membukanya. Namun bagi sebagian blogger/pemilik web yang mengingikan website/blognya memiliki loading yang cepat, gambar Featured image [thumbnail] ini cukup mengganggu Our themes usually define several image sizes for the featured images. WordPress will crop your uploaded image to all these sizes when you set a featured image. The theme will then use these different sized images on various locations in the theme. For example: You upload and set a featured image of 1024 x 800 pixels Update for WordPress 4.3+ As of WordPress 4.3, you can set the Featured Image, Set featured image, Remove featured image and Use as featured image labels to whatever custom text you'd like to use instead. You can do this when the post type is registered using register_post_type().. Here's an example of how to to it How to Enable Default Featured Images in WordPress (3 Options) Setting up default images may be as simple as installing a WordPress plugin, but you can also hand your developers a few lines of code to create the same effect. Keep in mind that adding default featured images is only the first step

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  1. In this tutorial, I'll show you How to Add Featured Image to WordPress RSS Feed Using Plugin. Actually, when you are sending the newsletter to the subscribed user or fetching the feed directly from URL for automation process, you need to send featured images along with the articles
  2. if ( have_posts() ) { while ( have_posts() ) { the_post(); /* grab the url for the full size featured image */ $featured_img_url = get_the_post_thumbnail_url(get_the_ID(),'full'); /* link thumbnail to full size image for use with lightbox*/ echo '<a href='.esc_url($featured_img_url).' rel=lightbox>'; the_post_thumbnail('thumbnail'); echo '</a>'; endwhile; endif
  3. An Image for Every Page Display Featured Image for Genesis allows you to select a default, or fallback, Featured Image, which will be used if a post/page does not have a Featured Image set, or if the post/page's Featured Image is too small (smaller than your medium image setting), and on archive and taxonomy pages

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functions - Adding a watermark to a wordpress featured image in WordPress Wordpress Code , Wordpress Solution December 27, 2020 I'm adding a watermark to a WordPress featured image of a post submitted by me by clicking on a button on the front end which is visible only to the person who submitted that post Featured Images is probably one of the most powerful tools that has been introduced into WordPress over the past few years but it is one that we have only begun to see the fruit from. What is going to be most interesting about this tool is how it will share WordPress development over the next few months and years and the new themes, ideas and uses for it that will come out during that time 233 Free images of Wordpress. Related Images: blog website social media blogging internet web content media youtube wordpress. 208 279 39. Wordpress Blogging. 247 223 41. Wordpress Web Design. 185 221 34. Wordpress Blogging. 264 336 78. Laptop Wordpress. 324 351 81. Security Protection. 26 25 6. Laptop Camera Desk. 237 298 42. Programmer. Automatically generate the Featured Image from the first image in post or any custom post type only if Featured Image is not set manually. Featured Image Generation From Title. Native image search for Elementor, Gutenberg, Classic Editor. CREATE A FEATURED IMAGE IN 5 SECONDS 1. Generate or remove featured images in one click. 2 Do you ever noticed that when you use import export tool in WordPress to migrate data from one platform to another, the featured images not be included in the data. If you have a small site and blog then, of course, you can re-upload the featured images but don't you think that it quite be waste of time to separately re-upload features image while you import/ export the entire data

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  1. Dùng ảnh đầu bài viết làm Featured Image WordPress; Việc thêm Featured Image vào WordPress giúp bài viết nổi bật và gây được ấn tượng với người xem Thêm Featured Image vào bài viết thông thường. Sau khi hoàn thiện nội dung trên WordPress,.
  2. WordPress Images Formats. Before we get into discussing WordPress image sizes, it's important to know about formats. The two most common image formats used on online are JPEG and PNG. Because of its smaller file size and high quality for photos and images with lots of colors, JPEG is the preferred format in the majority of cases
  3. Featured Image Generation From Title. Native image search for Elementor, Gutenberg, Classic Editor. CREATE A FEATURED IMAGE IN 5 SECONDS 1. Generate or remove featured images in one click. 2. Customize the process - generate or remove featured images from the list of posts or pages. 3. Native image search for Elementor, Gutenberg, Classic.
  4. The default WordPress method is on the left, but on the right you can see we have a couple extra options. As you can see all it really does is provide early access to the upload link, as well as provide the option to simply drag an image into the Featured Image box
  5. The Difference Between Covered Images and Featured Images

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  1. Plugin inseriti nella categoria featured image WordPress
  2. Post Thumbnails « WordPress Code
  3. How To Display Featured Image In WordPress RSS Feed
  4. Get WordPress Post Featured Image URL & Post Thumbnai
  5. Featured Image from URL (FIFU) - WordPress plugin
  6. How to hide a featured image in a WordPress post
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